Our Story

Company was established in May 2013. As a Family Owned Business Markit Roofing grew from Residential to Commercial Roofing in no time and is Serving Clients with wide variety of quality services.

The company expanded its services to flat roofing and waterproofing services and can install non-conventional and conventional roofing systems.

When you decide on a roofing contractor, your choice should be more relaxed and realizing that the specialists from risk-free roofing have been given 5-star rating reviews from former clients, we have a big list of satisfied clients. With that much recognition, it’s apparent that we’re the best choice!

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Our Experience

We have more than seven years of experience in residential and commercial roofing in Calgary. You can wager that your new rooftop will be done with the manner as you like.

Our Management

We are very ambitious to offer our clients excellent service from the ground up. Company’s full-time staff can accommodate your roofing needs at an affordable price, and we believe that no job is too small or big.


It would be best if you weren’t stressed over wasting your well-earned cash. All the service we give is risk-free. That implies if something doesn’t live up to your desires, it’s FREE!

Cost and Time Locks

You would not prefer to be hurried into purchasing something that you don’t need. We won’t give you any discounts to sign a contract. Estimate for your roofing is bound to us for one year.


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