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Best Roof Shingles

If you require a new roof and have to work within a budget, this is your best bet. Asphalt Roof can give your home an attractive appearance, without breaking the bank. Shingles can still provide great protection at a reasonable price point.


Asphalt shingles are light and can be fitted to any roof, residential or commercial, without the use of any structural support. It have one of the highest fire ratings of any roofing material. This type of it will help to keep the flames or errant embers from penetrating the roof of your home.

This new roof will instantly make your property more durable and attractive. A fresh set of this is an excellent way to increase the value of your home or office building. Due to our vast industry experience, our team knows the best shingles to use on your home, for every situation and environment in Calgary.

Why Choose Our Service?

Based in Calgary with a Canada wide reach, Markit Roofing has worked on various large scale commercial projects. At Markit Roofing we have experts with extensive experience in whatever material your commercial roofing project requires. Contact Markit Roofing today for a quote. We offer well themed and planned roofing work for Commercial Roofing projects. We work according to the needs of our customer so that one can not feel any problem in his commercial working.

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Roof Repairing Services

Our roof repairing services include hail damage, roof leakage repair, shingle repair, wind blow-offs, and wood shakes repair, among others. We also give services of metal rooftop fix, level rooftop fix, and record rooftop fixing. We are satisfied to offer these types of assistance for private mortgage holders just as condominium affiliations and new development homebuilders or engineers.

Shingles Roofing

Praise your home with an expert asphalt shingles roof installation. Getting the rooftop you’ve always longed for is just a call away. Call us now for a quote on a rooftop fix or full rooftop replacement cost.

At markit Roofing, we cover all aspects of roofing services from small roof repair work to complete re-roof replacement. Whatever style you want, you can depend on us for excellence and quality. Our clients often refer to us as a trusted shingles roof organization.

We have a variety of appealing material. We have a vast range of choices that are enough for the attractive look of your roof. The style of shingles will be according to your preference. It impacts on the overall curb appeal of your home. While aesthetics are significant, all factors should be considered. When you install shingle roofing, you have to consider many options. The primary function of the home roofing product is to cover your home from any damages. Following factor affect the shingles roof.

The overall energy proficiency can be affected by the sort of shingles you go with.

Shingles roof transform the appearance and feel of your home

The quality and type will overall impact on the roof expectancy that’s why you have to choose it carefully. Quality of shingles is the critical element in the determination of the life of the roof.

We provide quality shingles, roofing solutions. You can depend on us to deliver on time and budget.